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From the start the Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv, the Olympic flame lit at Olympia in Greece, the ancient Greek actress menegaki Eno.

This was alimpiyatei ancient Olympic Sports.

Olympics Sports Online Live streaming Tv, There, in front of the ruins of an ancient Greek temple in the ancient Greek style, the actress played the role of women priests menegaki Eno.

A concave mirror to reflect the sun’s light the Olympic torch was lit on fire.

International Olympic Committee officials attended the ceremony, and several visitors.

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Once the torch was extinguished a fire in the middle of the ceremony, but later lit it again. live Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv,

The Olympic torch was carried from the first Greek swimmer Spyros giyaniotisa British origin.

The Olympic torch will be taken to various places in Greece over the next eight days. Then it will be brought to Britain.

International Olympic Committee chief Jacques raga, said the Olympic torch is a country who has introduced modern sportswear.

In July before the start of the Olympic Games, the Olympic torch will be taken for 70 days in orbit around the Olympics Sports streaming Tv,

The Olympic torch will end its journey at the Olympic Stadium in London on July 7, the day of the opening of the Olympic Games.Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv

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Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv,Like other sports, the competition was different about the competition; But he found no exact information. The Olympic program is started from the count rbasa Olympiad in Greece. Karibbasera honor the alimpiyadake ‘karibbasera Olympiad is considered. Basatdabata: Greece’s history from 776 BC-purbane the first Olympiad began. Olympic champion athlete, kusitdagira, stone statues of boxers from the Olympiad ‘system was introduced in alimpiyonikana. Argasera the Olympics’ phedanana president. The competition continues on a regular basis for four consecutive years. From the Olympic Games began as a four-year period Olympiad. He served five days of age were sporting. First day before the competition, judges, managers used to enter the temple god Zeus.Olympics Sports Online streaming TvOlympics Sports Online streaming Tv

The competition promises attended. Greece in different cities of the country, the province, the Greek tipasamuha dominating the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, Sicily and Italy helesnasa youths from different colonies were crowds at the Olympiad. After the god Zeus gratitude and respect given countless animals were slaughtered. Aginakunera priest prayed in front of the temple. Not until the end of the race was to keep the fire burning. The Olympic torch has been lit in custom. Prasiraka players, all of them relatives and laying his hands on a piece of pork was sworn in, with the ability to honor the best athletes can learn, he will not take the path of evil. With everyone and his brother will maintain a friendly attitude. The judges will abide by the contest rules and the oath of sportsmanship attitude rakhabana nitena aparita responsibility on us, we will abide by righteousness and devotion, and will announce the results of the fair.

Olympics Sports Online streaming TvPuramnasarai could only take part in the ancient Olympics. No woman could not enter the Olympic area. When you see a woman in the courtyard of the Olympics, he would have been killed out of taipiyama peak. However, this rule was relaxed for virgin daughters. That was not the exceptions. The daughter of the famous boxer dayagorasera bodasera pherenaika (some would say kyalisnapyatira) was a boxer’s husband. But when her husband died prematurely, her son was prasiraka pisiradasera. Zawahiri as his success into Olympic glory at the revelation of the identity of the fell. He did not, however, be mrtyaduna, was the reason behind her father, husband, son, all brought success to the country. After a rule is issued, and participants will be prasirakake naked. Whether or not he actually Zawahiri. The rule was later relaxed to match the bronze statue of a Spartan princess wearing a crown of leaves of olive kiniska Roth won the competition to take the picture. The girls were found in a separate competition. Heraiya named. I was named in honor of Queen Hera. The occasion was a single event denara.

776 years before the birth of Christ from the first Olympiad dromosa (about 19. yard) or stedera denara is anatdarbhaktu Olympic program. Koyeta service (discus), was reportedly fired competition. The temple of the goddess Hera carved on the occasion of the Olympic 776 khristapurbane entrepreneurial iditasa and laikaragyasera name koyetera (discus) It is evident from the picture.

Gradually in the long jump competition, three step jump, Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv,pole vault (jump sahayyeya staff), long jump from the platform was to give a last khabata marble. Danayamana denare after the jump, and then the practice was introduced. The first horse to jump sahayyeya rbasara sahayyeya tapakate staff would stand. Jumping like a thick stick on the rbasara rbatamanera instead started. Diyalosa or two from the fourteenth Olympic stedera denara steda 1 and 4, respectively, and gradually other denara stedera durapalasnara denara, rbamasirasatdana, slope, etc. anatdarbhaktu denarao to curb the wearer. (Continue)

At the end of the preliminary ,Watch Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv start HBO ,competition for the athletes elected. Race announcer nidarause denarera met certain places, and when the signal to commence denara.

Karibbasa other than those enrolled in the history of the Olympics, they are more familiar than anyone else in the jyanthasera harmojenesara name. Harmojenesa denare won three consecutive Olympic 8 ‘hipposana denarabida name became famous as a horse. Long denara (Marathon), also known agariyasera got on. After winning his Olympic agariyasa pranayike news for pemnachanora 34 miles long from Olympia made. Sparta dandesa with argasera lyadasera names as durapalasnara denarabida spread. Olympic champion Sparta Sparta lyadasera brings the best athlete award was given to him and spread. But with the fall of the Olympics klanitdate lyadasa died. After the death of the Italian championship bisatdara lyadasera denarabidara krotenera. An unidentified athlete from the National Sculpture Museum ayathenera lyadasera is mrtyadursyao. Stedera denarake one time was considered the most genarabera. And the winner was the one who stedera denare, use brackets around their heads as a sign of respect. Alimpiyonikote bandhanisaha prasatdara statue athletes were kept. These sculptures were called “dayodumenasana.Olympics Sports Online streaming Tv

Mustiyadudha came from the fourteenth Olympiad in Olympic history. 900 khristapurbane peace themiusa son of King egiyasera human blood to satisfy the greed of the soldiers mustiyadudhera introduced. Yatarana no one died, would go tatarane mustiyadudha. Olympics next age bracket skin (kyastasa) was introduced with the mustiyadudhera. The new rules are a top-haya constitutes acceptance of war should be stopped, the Son and the history of the world themosera timosethanethera heraklosera the best boxer of all time as a priest in the name of theyagenesera.

Th Olympiad (712 BC), according to the organizing committee of the Olympic Sparta, where the Olympics should be a competition will be attacked and atmararaa two kenasalai. Other Greek state goes with them. As a result, he was added to the Olympics in the eighteenth ‘pentathalanana. Greek ‘Painted twisted meaning’ five, denara, jump, fired, and laid mustiyadudha. The winning contestant on the ground if we could soyate. Kusitda the eighteenth consecutive Olympic krirasucira is anatdarbhaktu. Kusitda oil into the soil mix naked before the judge signals the contestants fighting in name only. Kusitdate was famous in the history of the Olympics in Greece krotenera kusitdagira ‘Milo. Milo won seven Olympic and sports isthamiyana 6 times. Pyanekresana did not dare to fight with her success in the sport join. As a Greek philosopher kusitdagira ‘pesnatonao won several times.

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