Listings and Review Policy

All listings printed and content submitted to WDSPIRIT.com and Hungrygowhere.com (collectively called the “Sites”) square measure subject to the subsequent listing and review policies and disclaimers.
It is vital to North American country that we tend to square measure able to maintain a comprehensive and correct directory listing info so as to satisfy the requirements of our users.
We do that by guaranteeing that knowledge} printed in our directory listings are independantly collected and compiled by our data producers and community of users from publically out there sources. we tend to attempt to guarantee, exploitation commercially affordable efforts, that every one info printed in our sites square measure factually correct.
If you’re a business WHO has not been listed in our directory listing and would love North American country to incorporate your business in our listings, or if you’re a business that’s presently listed and would love North American country to correct or update any inaccurate or superannuated info, please contact North American country at customercare@WDSPIRIT.com.
To facilitate the availability of objective and correct reviews by our community of users, we tend to usually enable our users to freely share concerning their experiences as long because it meets our review policy and pointers below.
If {you square measure|you’re} a business WHO has been reviewed and square measure of the read that any of the reviews submitted by our users are in any manner inaccurate, unfair, objectionable or don’t meet our review policy, you will respond because the business owner by exploitation the management response operate to retort publically to the review or if this selection isn’t out there for any reason, please allow us to recognize and that we can assist you to response to the user to verify his/her review. Please note that we are going to usually not entertain requests to get rid of negative reviews unless otherwise guaranteed by the circumstances.
All review content submitted to the Sites is subject to the subsequent review guidelines:
No posting of content, pictures or otherwise, that don’t belong to you or that you just don’t have written authorization to use
No posting of content concerning criminality, together with however not restricted to drug activity, porn, underage drinking or smoking
No attacks on race or faith
No multiple identical postings
No spamming and harassment of members
No uncomplimentary remarks concerning alternative members’ comments
No seditious comments
No use of any obscene or inappropriate language
No advertising in any type or kind is allowed, particularly from business house owners and staff.
Do be correct in your description of your expertise once writing your review. we tend to do worth reviews that square measure objective, give details and provides each reader in our community an honest understanding of your expertise with the business reviewed.
No abuse of business house owners and workers are going to be allowed. Reviews square measure strictly prohibited from distinctive business house owners or workers by name, and aren’t allowed to harass, abuse, create false statements, defame, impersonate some other person or conduct something illicit or otherwise objectionable content. within the event of any doubts on whether or not there square measure any violations on this front, we tend to reserves the correct to form the ultimate call on this
You must submit original reviews that represent your own experiences. All reviews found to be supported second-hand info or hearsay (unverified info, rumours, reportable opinions of others) are going to be removed.
Any reviews that contain accusations of criminality, malpractice, codification violations (e.g. food poisoning) and false advertising are going to be aloof from the Sites.
Please follow all commonplace rule once writing your review. don’t write your review in CAPS. Excessive use of typographical symbols and slangs also are powerfully discouraged.
Any review deemed to be off-topic is also removed. as an example, this may mean a food channel review that doesn’t focus something on the restaurants, their food, ambiance, service and worth the edifice provides.
We reserve the ultimate right to get rid of any reviews or management response at once.
The reviews announce on the Sites square measure individual and extremely subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in these reviews square measure those of our members, and not that of Singtel Digital Media Pte Ltd. we tend to don’t endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses.
Please note that our members even have the power to flag suspected violations. All reviews and the other contributions that square measure in violation (or suspected violation) of this review policy are going to be removed. we tend to conjointly reserve the correct to ban any user accounts that square measure accustomed commit the violations.
WDSPIRIT.com claims no possession, affiliation with, or endorsement of any photos that square measure announce on our web site. The honestness of all photos and captions is assumed by the user and their validity isn’t the responsibility of WDSPIRIT.com. Please note that by uploading photos, you’re granting WDSPIRIT.com the non-exclusive rights to use, copy, re-purpose and show those photos at our discretion.
Family-friendly. No photos, pictures or material that’s vulgar, sexy, obscene, profane, illegal, offensive, insulting, objectionable or alternative non-family-friendly content.
Original. No pictures from alternative sources or material printed elsewhere. No pictures that infringe on any copyright, trademark or alternative legal ownership.
Relevant. Please post photos, pictures or materials that’s relevant to the business you’re reviewing.
Non-commercial. No logos, titles, branding, subject matter or the other content meant for business functions.
File properties. No single photograph file might exceed 2MB in size. All photos submitted to the positioning should be in .gif, .jpg, png or row format. Any file that doesn’t meet these necessities are going to be rejected. All photos uploaded are going to be displayed in 4:3 proportions.

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