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Sports is part and parcel of our life.Sports many impoprtant of entartainment and our life.we can’t think of our happy life without online sports sport streaming is very important of our life.
In order to foster a fair child, she wanted to raise her properly balanced to give attention to the overall development online streaming. Children are born with the ability to work in different kinds. He is in the power of possibility. When you get older and their development environment. Susthutama and versatile possibilities for the development of the child in the process of bringing the best outcome we can say on raising support portion. This development process has identified five trends generally siksabijnane thake
(1) physical development (ii) mental development (3) emotional development (4), social development (5) moral development

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When young people are members of human society, human development trends in each of these will have to ensure a constant speed. In the physical development will consist of sound, balanced health; In the accumulation of knowledge and the development of a variety of emotional and mental development will be full of energy; In the integrated emotional expression of emotion or sentiment in accord with the ability to grow; In the social and civic development of social competence will be full; In the matter of ethical and moral standards in the society established to develop balanced jibanadarsanera ghatabe can be said about a person they have people like human beings. And that’s the kind of education and the development trend of continuous smooth motion can be sure that the baby is healthy, coherent, susamajika, strategic and successful completion of the human spirit that can be used to help build a lesson worth learning. These educated men and society’s greater welfare and prosperity can accomplish. Thus, the general objective of education is the best outcome of the process is to develop the child’s omnidirectional.
The development of the physical processes of development. Because the whole body is healthy and can live for mana. In order to ensure the child’s physical development as well as to ensure nutrition is to give more attention to several things. One of the members of the execution. Organs that can be run in two ways. Through exercise and play inside the house through the ground outside the house. Outdoor play in making the best outcome for the child’s physical development has a special importance. To understand the importance of outdoor play opportunities in the city and the amount of effort to search for the main themes of the current article.

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Rabindranath Tagore ‘education sangikarana “says the article,” Learning About the recognized and that it neglected the educational organic thing, it is not mechanical. ” The thing about the game was a child. The game’s a normal biological function. Since the birth of children can be seen still lying alongside shake; Gradually increase the speed and volume. Apparently they think is useless. But medical and Psychologists say it baranera part of its exercise. The next editions of the natural biological process of a child’s play. So the game’s aimless, incoherent and meaningless behavior or ancient Christian clergy believed to have resulted from Satan’s influence in the game’s behavior is believed to be accurate. In the case of the modern progressive educators disagree. They presented different theories on the basis of the concept. They wanted to explain the theory of the game, the children playing, the importance of sport in education. I mentioned the names of some of these theories,


Educated person should be enough to keep your body healthy and strong and that is very important for the study of sport and physical education, and that it will be an essential part of the academics from the ancient times to the modern era all academics agree. Plato’s ‘Republic’ book says, “jimanyasatikasa and music should start from the age of the child, this training should be careful and should continue throughout life.” He, however, said that the training will not be as professional athletes, to be kind of a little refined; Children and students, which will help build a healthy and sharp eyes and ears will be. During the Middle Ages, however, come under the influence of missionaries to the importance of physical education is rather harsh penance or asceticism. According to them the importance of getting the body because the body is not suitable for low-level center desires. In the seventeenth century, John Locke, Some Thoughts kanasaranim Education said the book, Healthy Body Healthy Mind exists. Rousseau’s philosophy is the importance of physical education. However, sphiyesa of Adolf (1810-1858) as a result of initiatives of physical education in the West, is to be considered as part of the regular education. The pehara Sweden Henrik Ling (cabayat aibahatrasa kharahama, 1776-1839), Anatomy and Physiology set up a system of education based on athletics. He is based on the individual needs of the child made pathakrama. Daiyokletiyana nineteenth century leuisa (urarapasabahradhaha khabarim, 18231886), who introduced the byayamabidya isasaramhyabaharapam the physical strength and beautiful saisthaba, is to develop both.
However, the field, the game is jharharathm more popular in America than there were gymnasium. Sbasthyabidya twentieth century schools program, which has no place in the diet, along with exercise, dental health, mental health, all included. Starting from ancient times until the middle of the twentieth century in our country purposeless game animals, incoherent and meaningless purposeful behavior and education, well-regulated and behavior have been considered successful. Believed that athletics or exercise for those who want to be byayamabira. For each student, as well as the study of the brain and even the teachers to sariracarcarao requirements that the parents did not believe in it. The impact of foreign educational philosophers, educators, and local efforts to be included in the school curriculum of various types of outdoor sports. Sisukisoradera three basic reasons for the vital game in the field.


In fact, a variety of children’s well-being lies in the field. Childhood pedagogy and the development of science that recognizes the best independent game better than the method by which children learn and develop properly. The game is free, spontaneous outdoors. So it is very important that the children during the day, but for adhaghantakhanikera, the public gets the chance to experience the spontaneous play. Here they will be able to run a large pesisamuhera academics, not through the creative sambhabanarao they will be able to practice and be able to discover the surrounding jagatatike safely. Moreover, at least one lingering outside plots, known in sports or opportunity is to connect children with nature. As a result, may increase their attraction to nature, leads to intimacy; They may be aware of conservation.
Their children play outside the home than inside a large pesisamuhera can operate much more. Racing, climbing, such as climbing trees, darilapha, uccalapha, cycling, swimming, etc., and all types of functions is important for children to develop large muscles needed for a great place. Outdoor play khadyasakti burns more, so that children are easier to maintain a healthy weight. It is one of the basic needs of children in such activities. According to published guidelines from the US Department of Health and manabaseba that every child is severe enough and the body’s ability to perform its muscle, bone health, body, and heart-respiratory endurance saisthaba development occurs.


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